Saturday, August 27, 2011

Indonesia’s Train Hijacked

Jakarta, Saturday_August 28, 2011
on Saturday (8 / 27) morning a train named Gajayana Lebaran Jakarta with number 7101A PBL that serviced custumers from Jakarta to Malang was hijacked by a man claiming to be a military person.
Sugeng Priyono, the Head of Public Relations of PT KAI (Indonesia Train Company) said that Gajayana depart from Malang on Friday (26 / 8) around 17:30 pm. During. The journey from Malang to Cirebon, train safe and stopped at Cirebon Station on Saturday (27 / 8) at around 6:21 pm. 

1 hour after the Station Cirebon the train was hijacked by unknown passanger from Telagasari Station.
The following chronology Gajayana hijacking drama based on information Sugeng. 

6:54 pm 
KA Lebaran Gajayana stuck in the signal incoming Jatibarang Station 

7:09 pm 
In Telagasari Station, there are some people blocking the tracks, one man climbed into the locomotive Gajayana KA Lebaran. So the engineer reduce the speed. 
At Station Telagasari, machinist give info to stop at stations to drop off passengers Haurgeulis dark. 

07:28 to 7:30 pm 
The passenger train driver saw the driver back down and continue the journey.Machinist informed the controller that the operation of railway passengers in Cirebon locomotive was dropped off at Station Haurgeulis. 

8:12 pm 
Machinist Gajaya adjusting the radio frequency to control operation of railway locomotives Operations Area (Daops) 3 Cirebon. 
The engineer asked the controllers Daops 3 Cirebon to travel KA Lebaran Gajayana given the green-green aspect or travel directly to Gambir station without stopping. 

8:14 pm 
KA Lebaran Gajayana through Cikampek Station. 
At check in at the controller Daops I, around Cikampek, machinist request handler aspects of green-green back. 

08:16 to 09:00 pm 
Because there is a suspicion (ask for the green-green aspect), the controller KA Daops I tried to call the locomotive engineer via radio. 
However, engineers do not respond to calls so officers Control Center (PK) in Bekasi Station initiate BLB (Stop Extraordinary) by giving a red signal, but failed. 
Supposedly the red signal aspect is ignored, Gajayana not stop and continue with the journey. 

PK east Daops I get contacts from the machinist KA Lebaran Gajayana quietly.Machinist please inform himself taken hostage and held up to Gambir Station. 

9:10 pm 
KA Lebaran Gajayana trial was stopped at Jatinegara station, but failed to be directed to the Pasar Senen station. 
At that time, the controllers have to suspect there is an emergency then the train line was prepared. 
The plan, Gajayana will be incorporated into the Gambier but then the road map in Jatinegara-Gambir train there is a series of ongoing, so it is not inserted into the Gambir train. 
While in Jatinegara also been prepared security. 

9:12 pm 
Once inserted into senen, KA Gajayana conductor received a call from an employee to enter the train to Navan Senen Station and make withdrawals from the emergency brake in the series. 

9:35 pm 
KA Lebaran Gajayana entrance lane 4 with the emergency brake is pulled to do train technicians. Mobile Brigade officers who already stand in lines 4 and then make the arrest of the perpetrator. 

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