Sunday, August 28, 2011


After living in the area Batulicin (about 280 km from Banjarmasin, the capital ofSouth Kalimantan) we get a little away from the parents, both my parents and wife. While the grandparents are always miss to see their grandchildrens. Although we always in touch by  phone , the desires to meet directly  remains a priority, especially in times when Eid day.
The parent of my wife  live in Kandangan  while my own parent  in Barabai. Early lives inBatulicin, we went back to Kandangan or Barabai via Banjarmasin, which means we must  traveled  about 280 kms + 116 kms, totaling 396 kms. Waw, far away. Especially if it's taken on a motorcycle. We ever leave home at 9 am and arrive in-law's house at about  12 midnight.
After the pass way  that  closer opened, we call it a mountain road, from Batulicin passing Loksado  continue Kandangan, the road taken relatively close, only about 140 kms. But the trip quite challenging, complicated  road and occasionally passes a fairly steep cliffs. Also along the way is still quiet. Not many houses along the road.
Here are a few photos that we  record from  the trip.


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