Monday, October 24, 2011

As the second beginning

Oo, so long time for me to be able to visit my blog. It seemed the days runs so quickly with all the busyness that accumulate. Beginning with my health problem. Well, as a human being , sometimes there are parts of my body get ill. The doctor suggested me to follow a variety of health checks in hospital. So I got the ECG, thorax photos, EKG plus treatmill. Thank God, everything is okay. But I have to still keep health, because it's important, friends.
As an example, if you overweight, humff, it's not good for your health. But thanks God, nowadays we have many choices to loss our weight and be health. I think this one is good enaugh. It's so popular around the world. ACAY BERRY.
Lets keep healthy.

Hopefully now can start blogging regularly again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's the matter with Our Students?

I was very surprised to hear this news.
Monday, September 19, 2011, afternoon, happen a violence between students with journalists, at the school. Reported five journalists and seven students were injured. The report also indicates that allegedly the students who was starting the dissension. The police immediately take action, check out some suspects.
Many people regretted the incident. Various idea from several figures want the culture of violence be removed from the school.
Is education in Indonesia has failed to establish the character of human dignity?
Various suggestions proposed as solutions. Starting from parents, community leaders, religious leaders, politicians, until the central government.
Starting from the provision of strict and severe sanctions for violent offenders, combining the schools that often brawl, replacing the principal who is considered not able to guide their students, until to add to the moral education on curriculum.
But of all these ideas, I see it only as a short term solution, as well as partial. I doubt that these ideas if implemented will successfully solve the problem of violence among these students.

Education will never walk alone, always associated with other aspects of human life. Take the example of economic factors. If economic are not going well, lack of education funding, how qualified education can be achieved. Another example is social concern. This aspect is very influence to the world of education. Indifference of society, especially those engaged in the entertainment world, resulting many violence action shown on tv , movies, and games. Even some cartoons aimed at children are still many contain violent content. The more often a child's access to information with violent content, the more familiar with violence. Their subconscious mind will record strongly that violence is an effective solution to solve the problems of life. Similarly, the law enforcement aspect. With the money game, people who clearly found guilty can be free. Criminal offenders are not afraid anymore to do evil.
In short, should be considered a best system to running the state policy, so that one aspect to another are not contradictory. Well, this is a homework for goverment and state leaders.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Indonesia's famous phrase: "Life is like a spinning wheel".

Take a look at a spinning wheel , the part at top formerly, will go down to the bottom, and vice versa. That's how our lives as a human beings, sometimes at the top position, sometimes under. Life is so dynamic.
Perhaps now you are at the top, which can be represented with excelent profession , well-established financial , family harmony, a healthy body, easy in all affairs, and loved by many friends.
Or anyone else experiencing the down position, neglected study, jobless , poor finances, frequent illness, broken families, all matters were difficult, and people begin to pull away.
But rest assured, the fact shows that nothing lasts forever in this world, except God. Man's life turns. Just like day and night.
When at the top, be thankful for the gift of God, this is the time to share with others who need help.
When tested with the down position, be patience, while continuing to strive and pray to God to be helped out of the entanglement of various problems of life.
But anyway, about the top and bottom are relative. Not only because the rotation of the wheel, but how we view it.
If upside down like this, how do you think?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Culinary of Indonesia

Have a trip to a place is not complete without trying the various types of favorite culinary at the venue. Well, maybe there are some of them really fit with our tastes, or the others make our tongue feel a little bit strange . However, experiences in enjoying the variety of culinary from many different places in the world is very exciting. Indonesia have innumerable typical foods . Some of them are truly native from Indonesia and the others are the result of combination or assimilation with foods from other countries. What shown here is only a few, which are quite popular not only in the regions or provinces where does the food comes from, but already well known in almost all parts of Indonesia. Moreover, they can be obtained from other areas easily. It's mean the fans not only from residents of food-producing areas, but also favored by people from various regions in Indonesia.
Mie Aceh
Bika Ambon_Medan, North Sumatera
Dendeng Balado_Padang, West Sumatera
Pempek_Palembang, South Sumatera
Otak-Otak from Banten
Kerak Telor_Jakarta
Asinan Bogor_Bogor
Karedok_West Java
Tahu Sumedang
Dodol garut
Lumpia Semarang_Central Java
Serabi Solo
Lontong Balap_Surabaya, East Java
Soto Banjar_South Kalimantan
Es Pisang Ijo_Makasar, South Sulawesi
Papeda_Maluku & Papua

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jakarta_three years ago

Jakarta is capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. The citizen of Jakarta grow very fast, not only by the birth of new babies, but also by a big count of migration . It was caused by it’s hypnotize for most people, as Jakarta as the center of: Government's administration, economic, financial, business and entertainment.

It Can be said that we can find everything on this city. There are too much dreams here. Everyone eager to be a success man by fighting the hard of Jakarta life. Some people did, but many of them failed.

Traffic jam for almost all of roads , flood in every wet season, dirty river, and so on. I can’t imagine how if I live there, could I stand with all those stress? I respect every Jakarta citizens. Keep spirit to built a peaceful place for everyone.

Here are photos that I was took when I visit Jakarta on 2008. I hope there’s a blogger friend from Jakarta can tell me, how is Jakarta now, especially the places on my photos here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It’s great time to go to the beach

The dry season still stay for a moments in some parts of Indonesia. It’s rather hot for all day. Well, certainly it is very amusing to play with the cool sea water while running on the soft white sand. The wind blows slowly , fresh, carrying away all the weariness of body and mind. Having fun by accompanying the kids playing sand, making the castle or something else. If you feel thirsty, enjoy fresh young coconut water that was just picked from the tree.
So now, choose which beach you gonna visit. All of them are beautiful.

Cubudak Beach_West Sumatera

Tanjung Bira Beach_South Sulawesi

Bale Kambang_Malang_West Java

Baron Beach_Yogyakarta

Raja Ampat Beach_Papua

Dreamland Beach_Bali

Kuta Beach_Bali

Monday, September 12, 2011

Traditional Fashion of Indonesia

Besides famous for its natural beauty, Indonesia also has a rich culture. Hundreds of millions of people spread over thousands of islands, each has a wealth of languages, and cultures. One such property is a variety of custom clothing.

Each region has its own customary outfit with a very unique characteristic of each place. The original design of the ancestors in the past, maintained and developed from generation to generation. Although the world of fashion running so quickly now , affecting the style and appearance of each person,but the traditional clothes still have a place in the hearts of citizens of Indonesia. Especially on special occasions, like marriages, welcoming very important guests , traditional ceremonies, etc.

Custom clothing always brings beauty.

From Aceh

Modern Aceh

Batak_North Sumatera








Friday, September 9, 2011

Exotism of Puncak

Puncak is a popular places in Bogor, West Java.
Followed a training in Puncak area is a very nice experience. The journey started from Jakarta, “hot” area. when we approached Cisarua, Bogor, the air was so cool. The view along the the road been replaced by rows of verdant tea gardens, give a fresh sense to the eyes and mind.

Arrived at the resort where the training took place, “Penginapan Prabu”, it’s almost dusk. After check in, take a shower. Aww, it's freezing! The rooms here do not require air conditioning,because the air is really cold. Around the resort is also adorned with verdant gardens. Plus the sound of running water, really peaceful

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The more often the news about suicide.
Consider the following news:

Tuesday, 09/06/2011 _ Member of the police force of the civil service Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Suicide Jump from Bridge

Monday, 08/22/2011 _ Penitentiary inmates of Pondok Rajeg Bogor Suicide Death in the Bathroom

Friday, 08/26/2011 _ 11 Years Boy Attempting Suicide in the RSCM
Tuesday, 07/26/2011 _North Sumatra Policeman Suicide By Shooting His Head

Tuesday, 07/26/2011 _ the marriage not sanctioned, A girl in Magelang Desperate Suicide

Sunday, 07/10/2011 _ allegedly Depression, ojek driver grind himself to a train in Sudirman Station

Tuesday, 05/31/2011 _ Stress Not Married, a man burn himself

If we make a list , there will not be endless and can be thousands of meters in length. Sad indeed, but that's a fact that occurred. The question is, why would they do such a reckless?
Psychologists propose some triggers of suicidal behavior, such as : school problems, family problems, employment and financial, disease, and other problems. Actually, all problems would also be experienced by everyone. But sometimes on certain people had compounded the problems with internal conditions, which may be drug addiction, congenital genetic, mental disorders or conditions which tend to be unhealthy brain. Plus the immediate neighborhood that does not support. The closest people have to be sensitive to changes in the behavior of each family member, especially if often appears anxious, depressed, despair, feelings of loss, often talked about wanting to die or commit suicide, or attempt to suicide.
So, it's imperative for the people around them, especially the family or close friends to show their concern and empathy, ready to be good listeners for their complaints. If needed, ask for medical assistance or psychologist.
We, who are not in a position like them might be very surprised, how could it all happen. Life is so precious and the gift of life from Allah is worthy to be thankful for. There is always a solution to every problem. If others can, then we too can do it. And the important thing is, we have to be close to Allah, so that we can talk to Him every time.