Monday, September 12, 2011

Traditional Fashion of Indonesia

Besides famous for its natural beauty, Indonesia also has a rich culture. Hundreds of millions of people spread over thousands of islands, each has a wealth of languages, and cultures. One such property is a variety of custom clothing.

Each region has its own customary outfit with a very unique characteristic of each place. The original design of the ancestors in the past, maintained and developed from generation to generation. Although the world of fashion running so quickly now , affecting the style and appearance of each person,but the traditional clothes still have a place in the hearts of citizens of Indonesia. Especially on special occasions, like marriages, welcoming very important guests , traditional ceremonies, etc.

Custom clothing always brings beauty.

From Aceh

Modern Aceh

Batak_North Sumatera









Ct Arina said...

i realllllly love the indonesian kebaya for the wedding 1. and i think its the modern kebaya. i wish to wear that on my 'nikah' day. but i wonder if i look okay in that. haha =D

marialĪµ said...

wow! incredible, love the head pieces!
My Fashion Bug

Zul Fattah said...

waow.. awwsome.. haha.. ni first time tahu pasal ni..

sha my heart said...

Indonesia banyak budaya dan kaum Melayu. peliharalah..

abglan said...

oooO yang delapan itu Bugis, baru ku tahu... Saya ada kawan minang di Negeri Sembilan. Rumpun asal Minang di Sumatera kan? pakaiannya lain dari yang di atas.

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Very interesting post on the tradtional clothing. I am following back.

ascil.punye.lah said...

wowowowow! cantik cantik semua baju untuk wedding nih.sesuai dengan saya tak? ahaha.

indonesiatooverseas said...

Thanks for all.
@Sha> Malaysia dominan melayu juga kan, serumpun,sahabat dalam damai.
@abglan> Ya kah? Memang walau satu daerah, banyak lagi variasinya
@Anita> Thanks a lot
@ ascil> Sesuai lah pastinya, tinggal pilih saja.

Finaz Jaafar said...

never been to Indonesia but really hope there is a chance for me to go there and see the fabulous Indonesia =)


bugis itu nampak comel skali

Anonymous said... mum is javanese.

shu84 said...

it is so interesting outfits:) nice

C i k P i p i T e m b a m said...

kebiasaannya aku nampak pakaian sunda dan jakarta itu aja . yg lainnya kurang . tapi amat menarik ya . teringin sekali gue memakainyaa :)

♥♥ arabella ♥♥ said...

so ethnic n traditional.. i likee.