Friday, September 9, 2011

Exotism of Puncak

Puncak is a popular places in Bogor, West Java.
Followed a training in Puncak area is a very nice experience. The journey started from Jakarta, “hot” area. when we approached Cisarua, Bogor, the air was so cool. The view along the the road been replaced by rows of verdant tea gardens, give a fresh sense to the eyes and mind.

Arrived at the resort where the training took place, “Penginapan Prabu”, it’s almost dusk. After check in, take a shower. Aww, it's freezing! The rooms here do not require air conditioning,because the air is really cold. Around the resort is also adorned with verdant gardens. Plus the sound of running water, really peaceful


sha my heart said...

Cantiknya Puncak..

Teringin pergi ke situ

Erin said...

Thanks for the comment, your resort looks peaceful! Make sure to cover up since its a bit chilly!

zieyzain said...

aduhh cantekk bangget,..pasti diingin yah tempatnya, penuh ketenangan gitu,..=)

indonesiatooverseas said...

@Sha> Silakan ke puncak jika ada waktu
@Erin>You're right.
@Zieyzain> dingiiin betul.

The Fashion Twice said...

love the photos and your blog! I'm following ;)
or be FAN on Facebook :D

Teresa said...

It's a very beautiful place indeed. I hope you enjoy it.


abglan said...

Wah... ladang Tea ke itu?

3ate4 said...

Looks like such a lovely place!