Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The more often the news about suicide.
Consider the following news:

Tuesday, 09/06/2011 _ Member of the police force of the civil service Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Suicide Jump from Bridge

Monday, 08/22/2011 _ Penitentiary inmates of Pondok Rajeg Bogor Suicide Death in the Bathroom

Friday, 08/26/2011 _ 11 Years Boy Attempting Suicide in the RSCM
Tuesday, 07/26/2011 _North Sumatra Policeman Suicide By Shooting His Head

Tuesday, 07/26/2011 _ the marriage not sanctioned, A girl in Magelang Desperate Suicide

Sunday, 07/10/2011 _ allegedly Depression, ojek driver grind himself to a train in Sudirman Station

Tuesday, 05/31/2011 _ Stress Not Married, a man burn himself

If we make a list , there will not be endless and can be thousands of meters in length. Sad indeed, but that's a fact that occurred. The question is, why would they do such a reckless?
Psychologists propose some triggers of suicidal behavior, such as : school problems, family problems, employment and financial, disease, and other problems. Actually, all problems would also be experienced by everyone. But sometimes on certain people had compounded the problems with internal conditions, which may be drug addiction, congenital genetic, mental disorders or conditions which tend to be unhealthy brain. Plus the immediate neighborhood that does not support. The closest people have to be sensitive to changes in the behavior of each family member, especially if often appears anxious, depressed, despair, feelings of loss, often talked about wanting to die or commit suicide, or attempt to suicide.
So, it's imperative for the people around them, especially the family or close friends to show their concern and empathy, ready to be good listeners for their complaints. If needed, ask for medical assistance or psychologist.
We, who are not in a position like them might be very surprised, how could it all happen. Life is so precious and the gift of life from Allah is worthy to be thankful for. There is always a solution to every problem. If others can, then we too can do it. And the important thing is, we have to be close to Allah, so that we can talk to Him every time.


Nuur mutiara said...

its all about our mind. Just believe that Allah will always solve all of our problem. it works, insyaAllah

Amy Syaquena said...

agree with nuur , just believe that Allah will always solve all of aour problem..

iMBobo said...

its related to iman.. get rid of all of this by doing His order :)

.izzati liyana. said...

when there's no other way that someone can think of, then he/she will choose suicide. like Bobo said, it all depends on our Iman.

Fyza Lovato said...

Suicide is the most popular 'activity' among teenagers which less guides by their parent, urm plus their surrounding people who makes they thinks there's no point to live.

if non-muslim do that it such not a big issue i thought coz for me they really don't have the inner supporting means Iman.

if the muslims suicide then i will be speechless =.='

indonesiatooverseas said...

I do agree with you all. Thanks for visited.

Alina F. said...

This is so sad...

mamaNoriz said...

only shallow mind will do that...huhu

where's ur follower?

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